Turnaround Consulting & Crisis Management

Our experience in distressed and underperforming situations allows us to analyze core and non-core business segments to reorganize operations, restore the company to profitability and secure long term financial health. We develop and implement strategies to improve operations, sell or combine nonessential operations and assets, reduce overhead and arrange replacement financing.

Lenders, creditors and investors in a distressed workout situation want to know if the company is still a viable business that can be turned around. We provide an objective, independent assessment of the situation and identify business risks and opportunities. We have the ability to isolate the problems and develop solutions to improve stakeholders' positions. Our turnaround plans are aimed at:

  • Stabilizing cash, cutting costs and creating liquidity
  • Changing corporate structure and processes to improve financial performance
  • Discontinuing or selling-off unprofitable or nonessential lines of business
  • Selling-off underutilized assets
  • Negotiating refinancing and recapitalization plans
  • Finding replacement and additional capital
  • Defining a viable business strategy for the ongoing business

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